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Inciting Unrest in Venezuela (tags)


Soberanía en la retórica y la realidad Latinoamericana (tags)

La fuerte presencia norteamericana en todos estos países es criticada por quienes conocen sus derivaciones en la historia latinoamericana: golpes de estado, dictadores sanguinarios, escuadrones de la muerte, detenidos-desaparecidos, muertes, tortura y represión.

Venezuela: the counter-revolution raises its head (tags)

In Venezuela the forces of the counterrevolution are engaged in an all-out offensive against Chavez and the Revolution. Right-wing students stage armed provocations on the campuses and the streets. The bourgeois media, nationally and internationally, are whipping up a campaign of hysteria against "tyranny" and "dictatorship". US imperialism, with the help of Juan Carlos and the Spanish bourgeoisie, is striving to isolate Venezuela and create an anti-revolutionary bloc in Latin America, based on Brazil and Colombia, Chile and Argentina. As on previous occasions - the coup of 2002, the bosses' lockout, the recall referendum and the elections of 2005 and 2006, the reactionaries are using the slogan of supposed "defence of democracy" as a means of mobilizing the counterrevolutionary forces, creating a climate of fear and instability in order to prepare the ground for a right-wing coup. In the present battle who is opposed to the reform of the Constitution? Fedecamara, that is, the landlords, bankers and capitalists, the Episcopal Conference, representing the reactionary hierarchy of the Church, the right-wing media and imperialism. On the other side of the barricades are the workers and peasants, the poor and dispossessed, the revolutionary youth and the progressive intelligentsia: in other words, all the living forces of Venezuelan society. Why does the ruling class hate the constitutional reform? They say it is because Chavez wishes to introduce a dictatorship, to be a President elected for life and so on. But the reformed constitution does not concede such powers or anything like them. It merely removes the restriction on standing for President more than twice. In Europe there is no such limitation. Sarkozy and Merkel can stand as often as they like. So can Gordon Brown. And in any case, the reformed constitution only allows Chavez to stand for election. It will be up to the people whether they elect him or not.

Reacciones acerca del llamado a Asesinar al Presidente venezolano Hugo Chávez (tags)

Diferentes reacciones contra las declaraciones de incitación del religioso estadounidense Pat Robertson a favor del Magnicidio del presidente Hugo Chávez

Venezuela: Chávez decreta saqueo de Imataca (tags)

* Los intereses de las multinacionales del oro pulverizaron las promesas del Presidente Chávez * Destrucción de ancestrales selvas, contaminación de ríos con cianuro, inestabilidad ecológica, degradación de comunidades indígenas, pobreza y desolación son los legados de generaciones futuras en esta extensa porción del país * Ley de Pueblos Indígenas: último clavo en el ataúd de las riquezas naturales y culturales de Imataca

Venezuela's election: defeat for opposition, advance for the Bolivarian movement (tags)

Bolivarian Revolution

venezuala's press power (tags)

by maurice lemoine sept 11 2002

venezuala: gunman may havebeen hired by anti-chavez general (tags)

agent provaceteur?

Venezuela's press power abuse (tags)

This is an outstanding and well-documented analysis of the role that the private corporate capitalist media played in orchestrating the April 2002 coup against the democratically- elected Venezuelan government which is led by Hugo Chavez.

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