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Monday MoveOn Peace Events (tags)

Copied this from MoveOn.

Orange County: Candlelight Vigil Marking 4,000th Death (tags)


CINDY SHEEHAN, Orange Circle, Monday, 10/30!! (tags)

Support Our Troops! Bring them home NOW!!!!

OC Peace in the Mid-East Demo! 8.9.06 (tags)


Orange County Anti-war Demo (tags)

On March 18th, protesters gathered at Hart Park in Orange County to demand the Bush administration bring the troops home from Iraq.

Say "NO" to the BU$H War$, Orange County Protest, Wed., 9/28/05 (tags)


Protest the Illegal War on Iraq!, Orange Circle, 9/1/05 (tags)


Orange Circle: Rally to Bring the Troops Home! 8/24/05 (tags)


Peace Activists! Emergency PEACE Rally in Orange Circle!! (tags)


OC Register report on F15 (tags)

Excerpt from the Orange County Register report on protests Feb. 15th

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