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Ernesto Arce KPFK Reporter Shot w/Rubber Bullet 5/1 Tells What Touched Off Assault (tags)

ERNESTO ARCE: Well, it seems like they were trying to clear the Alvarado Street for ongoing traffic, and there was a gathering, a large gathering, a circle of people that were gathered around Aztec danzantes, or pre-Columbian Mexican dancers, and they were holding a ceremony. And police on motorcade decided to forcibly break that up, and they drove their motorcycles through this crowd.

"Rubber" bullet used by LBPD - for real. (tags)

Long Beach May Day protester shows a "rubber" bullet fired by the LBPD. In fact the bullet is made from very hard plastic. (N.B. In a previous attempt to post this photo, I indicated it was fired by the LAPD. I apologize to LA's finest as I'm sure they would never resort to police brutality.)

Protester shows LAPD "rubber" bullet (tags)

Long Beach May Day protester shows "rubber" bullet fired by LAPD. In fact, the bullet is made from hard plastic.

Rubber Bullet (tags)

A rubber bullet used by police on May Day in Long Beach.


His only weapons are his ideas.


PEOPLE'S ARTISTS take their message to the streets.


Defender of Aztlan, Soldier of Corn.


The Youth of today have no fear.

"OUCH!" (tags)

One demonstrator displays his LAPD inflicted wounds.

Rubber Bullet Wound (tags)

This man was shot in the back with a rubber bullet by police after leaving the Rage Against the Machine concert outside the Democratic Convention

Rubber Bullet (tags)

A rubber bullet recovered from outside Democratic Convention after police fired at people leaving Rage Against the Machine performance. (Quarter included for scale)

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