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Putin Checkmates Obama (tags)


Obama Plans Full-Scale War on Syria (tags)


Pressure Builds for Full-Scale War on Syria (tags)


Remember Saddam Hussain? (tags)

"The capture of numerous British military and intelligence operatives—six SAS men and an MI5 agent—by rebel forces in Benghazi made clear that the powers that be are already hard at work to this end. It has since been revealed by the Daily Mail that ministers have approved “a presence on the ground” of the SAS and MI6, who “will link up with Special Forces already in Libya to provide protection and give informal military advice to the Libyan opposition.”

Secret project 'MIRAGE' (tags)

The secret plan to block out and to thwart the abnormal war ambitions of the Bush administrations

US just bombed Iraq (tags)

The US & British military just bombed Iraq over an hour ago.

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