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A film that summarizes the culture that originated it.

Victims and Perpetrators of Oil Imperialism (tags)

Victims can change. But the Perpetrators have remained the same for a century. Something MUST be done about the U.S.-UK international OIL CARTEL for the sake of peace,social&political justice, and to deal with doomsday Global Warming. Grassroots Public Information Campaigning is the ONLY WAY to overcome the Corporation-Government-corporate Mass Media axis.

Another Doomsday, Another Dollar: Shifting Science towards Peace and Ecology (tags)

Science must be urged to climb those mountains which promote sustainability, peace and ecology rather than those which place our planet in peril.


The leaders of the American Evil Empire move closer to pushing the Doomsday Button...all the while talking about "Deterrence" and "Defense." Outside of a few Voices in the Wilderness, the American people as usual are asleep and clueless--or worse yet, are warmongering psychopaths themselves.

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