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summer games

Marathon Terror: Homegrown or State-Sponsored? (tags)

false flag

FBI wants to send 500 agents to London Olympics (tags)

FBI wants to police London, England 2012 Olympics. I suspect this is a lame excuse to send 500 FBI agents on a taxpayer financed vacation to London

Greece: Olympic Games must not lead to a trade off of security for human rights (tags)


Labor 's View: Europe Wins Olympics (tags)

Europe won the 2002 Winter Olympic Games; the United States was a distant second. The Olympics represents the collective wealth of the workers of the world which allows some people to spend their time worrying about figure skating routines. Because labor is better organized in Europe, Europe spends more on social services and less on the military, and has the championship at the Olympics and the better overall health and welfare of its people to show for it.

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