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Paraphysique de l'épigénétique (tags)

Le fascisme libéral est un nouveau bonapartisme...

The Rise and Rise of the Cult of the Ego (tags)

All types of people are convinced to buy something to ward off feelings of inner emptiness. A mix of clickbait hyper-capitalism will hoodwink an entire generation. "When you lose control, you reap the harvest you have sown" (Pink Floyd)

Le fantôme de Pierre Overney (tags)

Le fascisme est au pouvoir dans tous les pays...

JOUR J ou Uchronie (tags)

Nous nous conditionnons, nous nous programmons...

Gouvernementalité des continuités (tags)

L'administration du renseignement...

Le Golem ou du sable et du vent (tags)

Toutes les biographies sont des impostures...

The Forever War (tags)

Women's rights were to be strengthened and a Western-style form of government was to be implanted. In fact, according to the U.S.'s own statements, the hijackers of those planes that flew into the World Trade Center towers were primarily Saudis. The docile oil country of Saudi Arabia was never attacked.

Psychology as a method of domination (tags)

The current pandemic policy has given the world the ultimate understanding of how democracies (...) transform themselves into totalitarian because inhumane systems. (...) Long live the courage to resist and refute.

La misarchie ou l'harmonie holiste (tags)

Avec des experts en récupération...

Paraphysique de la déchéance (tags)

La déchéance du capital...

Paraphysique du taulard (tags)

Engrammation socioculturelle...

Trapps de la domination, trapps de l'aliénation (tags)

La domination est une tumeur...

Paraphysique du discours logique (tags)

La nature de l'anarchie...

Paraphysique anamnèse de la ZAD (tags)

La ZAD contre le tout technologique...

Paraphysique de la dictature étatique (tags)

Une révolution intégrale des mentalités...

Paraphysique de la leçon inaugurale (tags)

Genèse et unification du spectacle...

Le fantôme de Pierre Overney (tags)

Le monde de l'empoisonnement...

Jour ou Uchronie (tags)

Des échanges de domination, de compétition...

Le golem ou du sable et du vent (tags)

Tout est du sable, tout est du vent...

Adresse à la censure/modération (tags)

Le sentiment d'inappartenance où que j'aille...

Deux mille trente, 2030 (tags)

Poésie paraphysique...

The Critical Board - DomiNation Of the kingdom of chaos (tags)

Israelis Are Today's Nazis (tags)


Paraphysique du taulard (tags)

Le capitalisme est la prison qui contient toutes les autres...

Paraphysique du discours logique (tags)

Discours logique, logique du discours...

Paraphysique anamnèse de la ZAD (tags)

Le capital est sans aucune vie...

Paraphysique de la dictature étatique (tags)

La tyrannie donc la domination du capital...

L'humain et les artilects (tags)

Les artilects de 2010 et les robots de 1947...

Momentum for Palestinian Statehood (tags)


Paraphysique de la leçon inaugurale (tags)

Partout, des centres de dressage, école, usine, bureau, stade, prison...

Dura lex, sed lex (tags)

Domination de langage, langage de domination...

Paraphysique de l'épigénétique (tags)

Tout est politique, tout est philosophique...

Le fantôme de Pierre Overnery (tags)

Récupération de l'idéologie, idéologie de la récupération...

Le golem ou du sable et du vent... (tags)

En plusieurs milliers d'années, psychologiquement, l'homme n'a pas changé...

Integra Revolucio. Towards an international ideological and political space (tags)

This is a call for all individuals, collectives and people around the world who are working towards the construction of another society from below to come together for an international meeting. The aim is to establish the Bloc for the Integral Revolution.

For the Resumtion of the Class Struggle! (tags)

The economic crisis which has crashed down on society has already had and for a long time will have disastrous consequences for the lives of the masses, as every worker can see in his daily life or her work. The bourgeois economists themselves admit it: they do not know what the causes of the crisis are – satisfying themselves by blaming the greed of the bankers or excessive financial deregulation – and they do not know when it will end and give way to the long-awaited “economic recovery”. The current crisis is the crisis of the capitalist mode of production, incapable of stopping itself, forced to produce always more commodities, at a certain point it comes up against the limits of the market.

We Are Already In The Future! (tags)

At election’s denouement, to the Right the outraged, self loathing of the loser & the losers, including one dude standing mutely in Michigan, a Republican delegate, in a Klan suit, describing Obama as an “Islamic communist”. To the Left, the self important drears who had urged us to throw our votes away, as they objectively, in the name of their “principles”, gave votes to John McCain.

The Psychopathology of The Republican (tags)

Fear. Domination. The Reptilian Brain and the Non-Goodness of Man. The Republican party is a party of domination, not partnership. Dominate the earth-drill, excavate. Dominate Iraq, because they could someday dominate us.

When Superpowers go Rogue (tags)

History records instances of powerful, belligerent nations invading and annexing weaker nations in their bid for world domination and plunder. Various pretexts are utilised to justify these attacks/invasions, the most familiar and infamous are the USS Liberty attack, the Tonkin Gulf incident and more recently the imaginary WMD 'threat'. These examples have one thing in common; they are all orchestrated in order to harness the public as a manageable resource to be used and abused by prevailing powers and to justify an otherwise illegal invasion or military aggression. Nations bent on world domination are extremely predictable; world domination is the folly of a powerful military and inept leadership – history is familiar with a multitude of conquering clowns known to us today as mass murderers.


In response to the June 3rd-9th Organization of American States meeting in Fort Lauderdale Florida, South Floridian activists are organizing to protest the OAS on four points: the FTAA/CAFTAA (the OAS created their "Summit of the America"); human rights violations and environmental issues the OAS ignores; and OAS failure to impede foreign (mostly U.S.) domination of Western Third World Countries. The protest will be held Sunday, June 5th, as part of a weekend of related events.

Women (and Men) of the World, Unite! (tags)

the latest in a series about male domination


"I, like many other supporters of the Constitution, have been asking since the 2000 election; exactly what drives the foreign policy of the Bush Administration. The answer is revealed in the doctrines of the Policy for the New American Century, (PNAC) "

against-patriarchy conference (tags)

January 24 - 26, 2003 Eugene, Oregon * Free and open to everyone! *

Happy Queer Ween (tags)

A thought about Queer Theory and Indigenous Theory Contributions to one another on this most indigenous Queer Holiday.

against patriarchy conference (tags)

January 24 - 26, 2003 Eugene, Oregon * Free and open to everyone! *

Authoritarian parties endanger peace movement (tags)

This is a repost from a nyc indymedia posting. I thought it was very good and we need to remember this important message.

Defy Columbus Day 2002 - CACC Call to Action (tags)

Join a culminating resistance to Colombus Day in Denver, Colorado on October 12, 2002. We call all activists west of the Mississippi to meet on the streets to march in solidarity against the representative genocidal celebratory national holiday. Colombus Day started in Denver and it will end in Denver.

Leonard Peltier On The FTAA--Roots In Colonization, Feudalism & Imperialism (tags)

The FTAA is a continuation of the imperialism that began thousands of years ago in Europe…. Advocates of the FTAA would not dare refer to their policies as forms of colonization or feudalism…. Instead they will justify their actions in the name of "development" for the "poor" countries of Central and South America. Development? What the first peoples of the Americas need is "recovery" not development. Recovery from the very same colonization, domination, and genocide that multi-national corporations want to perpetuate for their own gains today.

Mumia Abu-Jamal speaks on Global Corporatization (tags)

International Action Center info about FTAA events in Quebec and elsewhere. Mumia commentary on threats of Globalization.

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