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Spoiling for Another Fight? (tags)


TUES 5PM: Join Anti-Schwarzenegger Protest Outside SMC at Pico & 17th St. (tags)

On Tuesday, June 14, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is coming to Santa Monica College to give the commencement address to graduating students at his alma mater. Meanwhile, he wants to cut education funding, teacher's wages, and jobs across California.

War Tax Resistance Made Simple (tags)

Regardless of the specifics, the basic truth is about half of your income tax is going to the military. For all the millions of people who've taken to the streets in the past four months to prevent or oppose this war, this is like a kidney punch from behind: You may spend your days, nights and/or weekends working to preserve peace, but everyone who pays taxes is financially helping to support the war.

CNN POLL: Go ahead without France and Germany? (tags)

CNN POLL: Do you support a war without France and Germany?

I Want YOU! (tags)

Go ahead...make my day.

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