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Geekout's Links 9.7.2013 (tags)

This time around, it's some Syrian history, Chelsea Manning, race in Jamaica, and thoughts about the future of labor.

response to my article invasion or immigration (tags)


Don't these cops have any real criminals to hunt down????? (tags)

Woman arrested after calling 911 asking for 'cute' deputy

Activists confront SOS in Laguna Beach (tags)

A description of events and the author's view thereof at the anti-day-labor protest in Laguna Beach.

Why the surprise? (tags)

I just want to get some disscussion going...

It's true ! whois and DNS (tags)

the IP's match up and several other things too I just did further checking and DNS resolves both AND to the *exact same IP* - ! Not only that but I just noticed a few other things as well.

On hooding (tags)

A few citations concerning the practice of hooding supposed terrorists, taken (with one exception) from John Conroy's excellent book _Unspeakable Acts, Ordinary People: The Dynamics of Torture_ (Berkeley: U of CA P, 2000). Rather than add further commentary, I have instead affixed a photograph of unknown origin -- and leave all commentary to the reader.

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