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BTL: U.N. Considers Proposals to Reform U.S.-Dominated Security Council (tags)

Interview with James Paul, executive director of the Global Policy Forum, conducted by Between the Lines' Melinda Tuhus

Ending Our Oil Addiction (tags)

(There Was Much Wailing And Gnashing Of Teeth)

May 3rd - Global Art Action For Peace (tags)

The Works on Shirts Project invites you to take part in "WEARNICA", an international exhibition of artistic reactions to the war in Iraq and continuing conflicts throught the world.

WEARNICA - An International Day of Artistic Reactions to War (tags)

On May 3rd, in response to the U.N. cover-up of Picasso's famous anti-war mural, "Guernica", The Works on Shirts Project is staging "Wearnica" an international exhibition of artistic reactions to war created on the backs o white dress shirts to help "uncover" the realities of war in our time.

Thinking About Not Going… (tags)

Think again. Our leaders won't be ticking off U. N. resolutions ignored by Israel and General Sharon will lend no quarter for peace or dignity. In the balance may not be the day of “return” but rather the night of “transfer”. “NATIONAL DAY OF PROTEST IN SAN FRANCISCO, SUPPORT PALESTINIAN PEOPLE’S RIGHT TO RETURN, STOP U. S. AID TO ISRAEL. SATURDAY, SEPT 28. All images taken from L. A. area protest spring of ‘02

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