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UK Special Forces Fighting Assad in Syria (tags)


Market Euphoria: The Mother of All Ponzi Schemes (tags)


Britain: Washington's Convenient Pawn (tags)


Afghans Vote (tags)


Malicious Syria Bashing (tags)


Beltway Bandit Named Senior Obama Adviser (tags)


The United States of Inequality (tags)

class war

Obama Wants Whistleblowers Silenced (tags)

police state

Unbreakable US/Israeli Ties (tags)


Oprah at Harvard (tags)


Institutionalized Inequality in America (tags)

class war

Obama/Democratic Abandonment of Senior Citizen Voters Politically Stupid (tags)

Recognition finally coming in MSM that Obama has made a major political blunder in alienating senior citizens.

In the Streets for Human Rights: A People Without Borders (tags)

The recent immigrant rights demonstration in San Diego May 1 was inspiring, but a real solution to the immigration question will come only when we can disenthrall the American people from hateful corporate propaganda that pits disadvantaged groups against each other and convinces millions of Americans that their economic and social problems are caused by people below them, not people above. So-called “illegal” immigrants are just another in the long line of scapegoats corporate and Right-wing propagandists invoke to keep people confused and lead them to challenge each other instead of their corporate overlords.

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