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LA Election Results Commentary (tags)

nobody says nothing

Former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter caught in online sex sting (again!) (tags)

Former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter caught in online sex sting (I hope this is not true, but he is done if it is!)

Important VICTORY! over "kill gays" performer Buju Banton! (tags)

Late yesterday afternoon huge concert promoter Live Nation announced that it was canceling all its concerts with "kill gays" performer Buju Banton. This includes House of Blues concerts previously scheduled for Chicago (10/2), Las Vegas (10/15), Dallas (10/20) and Houston (10/22).


Judge Jay Bybee, former head of the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel, authored legal memos approving torture. As a judge on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals he has a lifetime appointment. His unethical and illegal torture memos were not revealed in his Senate confirmation hearings. He admits that waterboarding "constitutes the imminent threat of death" and still allowed its use. Any act complicit in torture is a felony under US law. He must be removed from the bench now!

bye bye gonzo (tags)

alberto gonzo's departure: LOLitics style

The Union is in some State. (tags)

Cheney and Bush are set to make big $$$ on the new energy.

Bye Bye Wiley (tags)

Wiley Cryly slyly, Allens are viscious malicious, vindictive distinctive. I put em in stiches, tear em' limb by bloody limb, witches cook em' in a stew boiling. Wiley now slim got leg trimmed in the meat grinder, caught in the word binder.

Imagine Exodus from Pride (tags)


Good bye. (tags)

Good bye.

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