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Les compétitions (tags)

Les compétitions du capital...

Trans Beauty contest (tags)

Israel held a trans beauty contest, and you'll never guess who won


My report on the state of our country and of our people:

Eurovision Song Contest Oslo 27 may 2010 semifinal Ukraine Alyosha (tags)

Eurovision Song Contest Oslo 27 may 2010 semifinal Ukraine Alyosha

Mike Little, San Diego Leatherman, on IML, Community Service (tags)

San Diego Leatherman Mike Little ran for the 2009 International Mr. Leather title in Chicago in May and describes it as one of the most emotionally exhilarating experiences of his life. In this issue for the July 2009 Zenger's Newsmagazine, Little talks about his IML experience, his ideals and goals, and his extensive community service. He also stresses that Leather isn’t just about kink or sex; it’s a 24/7 commitment to goals of trust, honor, service and respect.


CONTEST “LIBERTARIAN PEDAGOGY” “Reflections, analysis and proposals for libertarian pedagogy today”

PUSH FOR PEACE stickers in contest (tags) I entered a simple sticker design -- PUSH FOR PEACE -- into a contest. If I win, they'll print up a bunch for free. Please vote for my sticker so I can spread this message. Go to:

Take 2 minutes to vote for Anti-War Hero Dennis Kyne (tags)

Please learn why Anti-War Hero Dennis Kyne merits 2 minutes of time now for you to cast your vote for him in a contest

Toys (fo)R uS (tags)

Retailer steps into messy immigration issue with first baby contest

Now Look Who's Calling for Presumption of Innocence and the Right to a Fair Trial (tags)

This president who has claimed the right to lock American citizens up without charge and to hold them indefinitely without the right to see a lawyer or to go to contest their captivity in court is suddenly touting all those rights, now that his own people are in the dock.

As the Evidence Turns in the Texas Election Contest Merry-Go-Round (tags)

The spin between election officials and Republican attorneys in the Houston election contest leaves a feeling we don't want to repeat.

Slam Bush Hip Hop & Poetry Battle (tags)

CALLING ALL HEADS. . . Slam Bush ( ) is a groundbreaking national contest where the nation's most talented MCs and Poets will step to the mic to call George W. Bush out on his lies. A local Slam is happening in Southern Cali!!

united against torture (tags)

international contest

Zogby: Dean vs Un-Dean (tags)

Will Democrats choose a candidate who is an "electable moderate" or a "fighter for principles"? Both sides have a political case to make.

final protest against 'Asian Fever' thursday 10/17! (tags)

asian fever?!

report from 'Asian Fever' protest (tags)

response from passersby overwhelmingly positive

Calling L.A.'s Young Artists: (tags)

Grand Central Market Holds Contest to Choose Artwork for Mural Project

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