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Socialist Animalism (tags)

Free collection of articles.

Whistleblowing: Exemplary Patriotism (tags)

police state


The rabbles commemorate but the people continue paying the bill.

Bush and Cheney wore the flag to appear patriotic. (tags)

Obama does not need to follow.

Some thoughts on "patriotism" written on July 4 (tags)

Incidentally, the American soldiers who have refused to serve in Iraq are the ONLY ones with the Rule of Law on their sides. The rest have only duty, patriotism on theirs ...

Meso-Americanos: It's way overdue (tags)

Immigration and Liberal Taboos (tags)

Immigration and Liberal Taboos as written by Edward Abbey

Wave the Flag To Deceive (tags)

To justify the war, the scoundrel Wolfowitz dishonestly points his finger at a Muslim response to the invasion he orchestrated: "more than 200 captured foreign terrorists who came to Iraq to kill Americans." Terrorists daily praise Wolfowitz for putting our troops in their sights.

The First University - the Tavern (tags)

From the book "How To Save the World"

Sedition & Treason in the US Imperial State (tags)

    But as I’ve said on radio shows before, these Democrats who are holed up in the Holiday Inn SHOULD have been arrested. Why? Because they were in clear violation of the relevant statutes of the sedition act as now revised and expanded, thanks to the USA Patriot Act.

Strong Government = Weak Individuals (tags)

From The Fourth World book.

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