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mini Shrub to Trash Magna Carta (tags)

Western civilization has long praised the Magna Carta, passed back in 1215 to curb unrestrained Power of the King. Modern democracies point to the Carta as proof of the beginning of people's sovereignty. But the latest push by Bush to sell the "pat-RIOT" Act II is a clear signal by the neo-con Cabal to grab Unlimited Power by the Supreme court-selected executive.

Total Police State Takeover (tags)

A Brief Analysis of the Domestic Security Enhancement Act 2003, Also Known as Patriot Act II By Alex Jones (Posted Feb 10, 2003)

Americans have good reason to be afraid of their leaders (tags)

But now here's an irony that no one expected. Back in America, complaining about America is the one thing that's pretty much disappeared, lost under the weight of a collective patriotism and increasing constitutional limitations.

Block Patriot Act II (tags)

Help stop Ashcroft's "Patriot Act II," which would gut freedoms of speech and assembly, freedom from unreasonable search and seizure, the right to due process, and much more. The law would principally harm non-citizens. For information on upcoming events around LA, contact

The war at home It's time to defend our liberties before protest becomes a crime (tags)

The War On Freedom launched by the Bush Junta continues. If you value your freedom, the right to speak freely your mind speak now or it will become a crime.

Anti-war protests in Los Angeles achieve steady pace (tags)

Keep the pressure on!!!


Report on the protests in L.A.

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