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DOS batallas de Bagdad una cubrieron para arriba y una destapada (tags)

Un oficial de ejército anterior describe las realidades del unreality de la liga de Bush en el asunto de la batalla de Bagdad, apenas admitida ayer por embajador Khalilzad -- pero sucediendo hace tres años. Dé la bienvenida a Orwell 101.

Body Bagdad (tags)

Lies and Delusions gotz us here Here is Where We Die Here is Where We Bleed In Body Bagdad Body Bagdad Body Bagdad


Yassir Arrafat is concerned that he will be targeted for assasination soon. I have been targeted for assasination Friday afternoon in a Harris County TX courthouse, and the infamous Sherriff of Bagdad hid behind his wife and children while threatening me on local CBS affiliate, channel 11.

Piss take total (tags)

We will find weapons of mass destruction before long. They are already on the way to Iraq

The democracy we bomb to you (tags)

We invade in your countries to rescue you. We enslave you to liberate you. We kill you to give you life. We bring you american democracy to plunder your nations:

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