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African Nations Large and Small Want Visa Numbers Changed to Work With NGO,s Businesses (tags)

A frican NGO's are reporting a dire lack of legal visas for nations that warrant legally protected travel. This was also reported in an economic census of businesses that are in groceries, restaurant and other categories

La Reina; A Party for Los Angeles (tags)

It’s Saturday night in Downtown Los Angeles, and the activist group called “Street Inc.” is throwing a party. But there’s one major difference between this party and others in Los Angeles at this very moment...

LA suburb prohibits police from work with immigration agents (tags)

LA suburb prohibits police from work with immigration agents

WRFG 89.3 FM 100,000 Watts Airs Key News in Farm Crisis:Middle America's Crisis! (tags)

This is a rough transcript from today's broadcast of our 100,000 watt radio station. Heather Gray has done work in interviewing a wide range of human-rights activists. Including people who work with her at the 12 state Federation of Southern Cooperatives: an outgrowth of the Civil Rights Movement that took seed in 1967.

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