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City Council to Look At Weak Moratorium to Prevent Rent Increase (tags)

It's good something was decided, but the moratorium will not cover much LA rental housing.

HIV is a Gay Disease (!?!) (tags)

A controversial new campaign by the LA Gay & Lesbian Center merits discussion.

An Interview with Noam Chomsky: The Strong Do as They Can (tags)

The maxim of Thucydides again. But it is worth bearing in mind that Israel can go just as far as its protector in Washington permits and supports.

Stop the National ID!! (tags)

The Association to Stop Unconstitutional Fingerprinting (ASUF) is an organization that opposes mass fingerprinting and biometrics generally.

GOP = Goldwater's Old Party? (tags)

Antiwar libertarian bloggers and Internet columnists often link to left-of-center websites like Indymedia, Common Dreams, and CounterPunch while others consider voting for Democratic candidate Howard Dean.

Miami officer pleads guilty (tags)

This articles talks about the sexual assaults by INS officers on defenseless detainees who generally don't speak out because of the overwhelming power of the system. The INS's Krome Detention Center in Miami is especially problematic. Women detainees are harrassed, sexually assaulted or promised favors in exchange for sex but these acts are generally not reported because of the fear of deportation.

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