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Paraphysique du numérique (tags)

Du comportement fragmenté...

Paraphysique du numérique (tags)

L'intelligence de la mémoire n'est pas de l'intelligence, c'est de la mémoire...

Israeli Policies Endanger Jews (tags)

A sampling of history for the rising wail of grief and pain in the winds and tides of power.

A History of Judao-Facist Terror Massacres (tags)

A Reference of Jewish Terrorism in Palestine. These are just some of the massacres committed against the Palestinians and Lebanese by the Zionists. If the raids on southern Lebanon old and new were to be taken into account the true magnitude of Zionist crimes against humanity could start to emerge. If one were to go into the gruesome details of the atrocities committed in 1948 the -mopping up operations -, the deliberate humiliation and massacres of Arabs and the desecration of the holy places of both Muslim and Christian as well as the looting of these holy places and personal property by the Israeli army and settlers; one might just start to appreciate what Zionism is all about.

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