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SOS Recruits The Retarded (tags)

Pic of SOS members protesting in San Bern. stomping on flag of Mexico.

Burbank: Standoff in the Street (tags)

On Saturday morning, during an immigration confrontation at Burbank Home Depot, Save Our State and other minutemen spouted their frustration and unsuccessfully tried to provoke violence after a month of pro-migrant victories.

SOS in Burbank (tags)

The xenophobic media darlings, Save Our State made their scheduled appearance in Burbank to protest the opening of a Day Labor/Temporary Worker Center adjacent to the new Home Depot.

SOS is in GLENDALE (tags)

SOS is in the Glendale Day Laborer Area.

SOS had good turnout in Laguna Beach (tags)

SOS had good turnout in Laguna Beach! More true AmeriKKKans came out to this protest than any previous one that SOS has organized! Its beginning to look like Joe Turner broke a new record! Way to go, dude!

SOS to Abandon L.A. County? (tags)

Is SOS On shaky ground? Are they leery about coming back to L.A. county? Read below for details.

SOS blame Earthquakes on Undocs (tags)

SOS blame undocumented persons in the USA for everything - including earthquakes.

Some SOS Members Identified (tags)

SOS Is Up To Something!

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