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Violence Achieves One Thing Only - More of It (tags)


US State-Sponsored Terrorism (tags)

police state

Mass Protests Rock Egypt (tags)

police state

State-Sponsored Murder: Official US Policy (tags)

police state

BREAKING: Evidence mounts that London bombings were a state-sponsored "inside job&qu (tags)

Attentive journalists have already uncovered solid evidence that the London bombings were an "inside job," orchestrated--or at least "allowed" to happen--by industry and government insiders (US, UK, and/or others). Just like last year's Madrid train bombings, and just like 9/11. Read the following aticles and book excerpts, and spread the word! WE HAVE A CHANCE RIGHT NOW--BEFORE THE GOVERNMENT AND MEDIA SPIN A MYTH THAT WILL EXPAND THEIR WARS--TO DEMAND AND LEARN THE TRUTH.

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