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please join us

National Organizing Committee discussion, sponsored by Peace and Freedom Party of Californ (tags)

Please join us for discussion of a united alternative to represent working people in our own government


Corpus Delicti, butoh performance lab invites you [yes, YOU!] to participate in our BUTOH SURGE AGAINST THE WAR PARADE Please join us as we merge with the masses on Saturday, March 17 for the big march in Hollywood.

Freewayblog the Inaugural and win $100! (tags)

Please join us on the freeways on January 20th to celebrate four more years of shock and awe.

Meeting 2 Organize Anti-War March/protest in Orange County on Jan. 18 @ the Nixon Library (tags)

come out this Thursday Dec 12 to help organize for Orange County Anti-war Protest

Help Organize Jan. 18 Anti-War Protest in Orange County @ the Nixon Library (tags)

come out and get invovled

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