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Khader Adnan: Day 60 and Counting (tags)


Children have ability to ‘imagine away’ pain (tags)

Research show that it is possible to teach children to use fantasy to block bouts of stomach pain.

Is Alcohol a Drug? (tags)

You see alcohol everywhere, its part of today’s society, it’s considered part of everyday life.

Can's stop, won't stop (tags)

and Congress won't make me

Guantanamo torture account (tags)

from amnesty international

Immigration Detainees Abused in San Pedro (tags)

On March 5 at the San Pedro detention center, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent M. Lopez attacked Iranian immigration detainee Mohammed Mirmehdi, dragged him into a storage room and repeatedly punched and choked him.

Live streaming video of Quebec Protest right now (tags)

Watch live video of Quebec protest online

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