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Israel Detonates Dirty Bombs Near Palestinian Bedouin Communities (tags)


Israeli Judaization Master Plans (tags)


Global Protests Against Bedouin Ethnic Cleansing (tags)


Bedouin As Well As Palestinians Suffer Under Netanyahu's Rule (tags)

thousands deported, homes bulldozed, villages 'disappeared', Israeli creation of homelessness

Israeli Forces Attack EU Diplomats (tags)


Israel: Talking Peace, Waging War (tags)


Human Rights Get Short Shrift in Israel (tags)

police state

Israeli/Turkish/Palestinian Tensions (tags)


Unrecognized Palestinians: Illegally Demolishing Their Homes and Villages (tags)

actions against Israeli citizens

Demonstration Against Palestinian Honor Killings (tags)

In Honor and in Memory of Reem Abu Ghanem (murdered in 2006) Halima Ahmed (murdered in 2009) Abeer Abu Damous (murdered in 2010) and too many others

Israel Apartheid Week Berkeley (tags)

Israel’s first Bedouin envoy (tags)

Ismail Khaldi used to be a shepherd; now he’s been appointed Israeli consul in San Francisco

Guess who REALLY Killed Tom Hurndall! (tags)


Israel's "Humanity" (tags)

For you Apologists - this article comes straight out of Haaretz. "On March 4, in the early morning hours, two crop-dusting planes flew over the Negev Hills, spraying field crops with a toxin that caused them to wither and die. Ten people, most of them children, inhaled the substance and required medical treatment. "

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