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Paraphysique du traité européen des interdictions (tags)

L'idéologie du travail est le travail de l'idéologie...

Paraphysique du traité européen des interdictions (tags)

Le fascisme du monde...

The forbidden text of refugee activist Joke Kaviaar (tags)

Hereby I spread the forbidden texts of writer and refugee activist Joke Kaviaar, who is convicted by the Highest Dutch Court to two months conditional imprisonment because of the exposing of the inhuman Dutch policy against refugees. No man or woman is illegal!

Paraphysique du traité européen des interdictions (tags)

La vérité de l'interdiction est l'interdiction de la vérité...

The Top Twenty Forbidden Truths of Humanity (tags)

The human species is diseased, devolving, and doomed to extinction. Here are the top twenty Forbidden Truths of this pathetic species, that prove the argument that humanity is unworthy of continuing to exist.

5th Generation Warfare (tags)

Information war. The not so silent, response to the manufactured 4th Gen. warfare of the pentagon which is a mere treatise of tactical response to civilian insurrection against an occupational force.

Israel bans reporting of use of "unique" weapons in Lebanon (tags)

Unfortunately, they don't ban the use of the weapons themselves - even if international law has. If I were the one comitting War Crimes, I wouldn't want people talking about them either.


Some of those fake''rabbis'' made the same sin again - SHE POSTED OWN ANTI_JEWISH CRAP ON SATURDAY (and more over ON JEWISH HOLIDAY YOM KIPUR), what is absolutely forbidden for the real rabbis and practicing Jews as well.

The Forbidden Truth motivation for america's current war against Iraq (tags)

For the past few weeks, the most evil, insane, and diseased society of humans on planet earth, has once again chosen to initiate and undertake a totally unprovoked orgy of genocide against another society of human beings.

English translation of Pocket Guide for IDF soldiers (tags)

English translation of Pocket Guide for Israeli Occupation Forces serving in the occupied territories, distributed by The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories, B'Tselem (Visit their website link in Israel, below)

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