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Unbelievable, Obvious Evil (tags)

The edge is near and there's a reason it paralyses the mind with its dark depth.

AVATAR (tags)

"We didn't produce works of art, we manufactured perishable products! " Words of an American Director for a bored audience.

Visionaries Channelling Vital Depth (with art(e)) (tags)

This art(e) installment shares and gifts those who see the value of reading through these cruciaL aRt(e) spirit-uaL 'affidavits" with the visionary ideahz that i hav been experiencing and tasting and digesting,,,,all in a spirit of creative nonviolent becoming. Mostly art, few words from here

Radical's Radical almost "knocks socks off" of local students with desire armed! (tags)

Starting in '83-'93 he began following visions of liberatory grandeur with surprising results of sortz. Again, in the mid-two-thousand 'otz", he experienced "far out" possibilities --with *not fully contained* imagination, armed. Armed? Yes, metaphorically "armed" with cruciaL aRtz depth interaction freely being!

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