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AIPAC's Federal Reserve Vice Chairman (tags)


Rogue State Israel (tags)


NSA Spying: Get It All (tags)


Study Shows Palestinian Authority Corruption (tags)


FBI Lawless Unaccountability (tags)


NSA: Rogue Spying Writ Large (tags)


Obama's General Assembly Address (tags)


Israeli Forces Attack EU Diplomats (tags)


NSA Conspires with Israel Against Americans (tags)


Dispossessing East Jerusalem Palestinian Residents (tags)

police state

Israel Terrorizes 5-Year-Old Palestinian Boy (tags)

police state

America's Surveillance Society (tags)

police state

The Bush B.S. 700 Billion Bail Out Plan, or, "Let THEM FALL!" (tags)

This is my commentary on the current situation of the fear tactics being used by the current adminstration to attempt to "cow-down" the American public that each and every American Family MUST cough up $10,300.00 EACH to bail out the American Economy.

Sieg Heil (tags)

It does not take much to get the Germans going, again

The Value of Workers (tags)

Maybe we need them to take care of us. Maybe we need them to, as *they* say, take the risks. But then again, maybe we don't.

Kill The Evil? Make Sure It is Profitable$$$ (tags)

All of those angry people shouting and it does nothing. Tear things up, burn them? Why, if it does not make $$$$. Our enemies thrive on $$$ and enslave us with it.

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