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Labor Fights Back at Goose Island (Book Review) (tags)

Kari Lydersen has penned an absorbing book, “Revolt on Goose Island.” It chronicles how 250 members of the UE, a progressive union, occupied a factory, “Republic Windows,” located in Chicago, IL, rather then just meekly submit to its closing. It’s labor history at its best. This “direct action” came not long after AFL-CIO labor leader Richard L. Trumka denounced the evils of “globalization,” and the predatory schemes of the Wall Street boy-ohs.

homeland security gestapo (tags)

scary shit

Digging out Iraq (tags)

Contracts for reconstruction in Iraq are primarily being handled by the USAID. The US Agency for International Development is headed by Andrew Nastios.

Protester shot 9 times by LBPD - for real (tags)

Pacifist Long Beach May Day protester shows the wounds he suffered after being shot nine times by the LBPD. One bullet passed all the way through his hand. (N.B. In a previous attempt to post this photo, I indicated he was shot by the LAPD. I apologize to LA's finest as I'm sure they would never resort to police brutality.)

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