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:::NETSTRIKE against NATO's security conference in Munich !!:: (tags)

The NATO Conference on Security Policy is a conference organized by a private person called Horst Teltschik, former advisor of Helmut Kohl, former Manager of BMW and now an employee at Boeing, one of the biggest weapons manufacturers in the world.

netstrike against repression (tags)

netstrike to ask freedom for 20 italian activists arrested without a real reason but only to prevent!!

Proposal of netstrike de Isole nella Rete against the last detentions (tags)

The arrests of the political activists in South of Italy are really grave. It's urgent to give an strong and united response. Isole nella Rete is proposing a netstrike. Over the skin of the activists from the South is the future of all the political activism.

NETSTRIKE for Palestine (tags)

CALL FOR ACTION WORLDWIDE *please forward* *post* *translate* *distribute*

Netstrike against trading on line ! (tags)

Netstrike against trading on line !

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