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CUBA: Besieged by hurricanes (tags)

We had hardly recovered from the emotional impact and material damages caused by the unexpectedly strong winds of hurricane Gustav on the Isla de la Juventud and Pinar del Rio, when news were received of sea floods caused by Hanna. Then, the worst news of all: that the very intense hurricane Ike, turning southwest under pressure from a strong anti-hurricane system located north of its course, would strike heavily over 625 miles throughout the national territory.

CUBA: Hurricane Gustav and the Cuban Five (tags)

“These adverse events should serve to make us work more efficiently every day and to make a more rational and fair use of every piece of material. We must fight our own shallowness and selfishness”… “Such effort shall come from our people’s work. Nobody will do it for us.”

From CUBA with LOVE (tags)

A School, a Teacher, and a Girl...

CUBA, desciende mortalidad infantil... (tags)

Es la más baja de la historia en Cuba. Solo Canadá en el área de las Américas muestra un indicador inferior al nuestro. Nueve provincias por debajo de la media nacional

What's new about CUBA? (tags)

What's new about CUBA...

Elogia Raúl Castro recuperación en Cuba tras huracán (tags)

Elogia Raúl Castro recuperación en Cuba tras huracán

Fidel Castro explains Cuban offer to send doctors to New Orleans (tags)

Yesterday Fidel Castro spoke on Cuban television's nightly news magazine, the Mesa Redonda (Round Table) where he explained in detail the effors which Cuba's government made DISCRETELY to send 1100 doctors to New Orleans immediately. No response has yet been received from the United States government. Cuba has provided such assistance to many countries all over the world for many years. This is the first of a two-part translation

Will Ménard continue denying his links with the CIA? (tags)

RSF chief Robert Ménard has always denied his links with the CIA. The White House has now seen fit to inform the public that these links are an evident reality.

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