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The "Stand Up To Cancer" People Are Lying (tags)

Cancer is usually a sign that you are overly polluting your body with unnatural substances, so the key is to stop as much of that as is possible, not to give them a lot of money to create more unnatural stuff to further pollute your body.

Best Diet In The World (tags)

Food is your body's fuel. You should not pour junk into it, any more than your car. If you can afford to be unhealthy, skip this. If you can't, please read on.

chemical and biological weapons are not "weapons of mass distruction". (tags)

Chemical and biological weapons are not weapons of mass distruction. They are not very effective weapons. Far less effective than a 2,000 pounder.

Manchester, England: Epicenter of Social Change (tags)

‘Earthquakes are very often associated with periods of great social change or unrest, and from such locations the fault lines originate and are projected outward.’

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