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Be very careful about tax reform. (tags)

Tax reform might INCREASE YOUR TAXES instead of reducing them. Please be sure that Obamacare individual mandate repeal is in bill before voting for it.

Obamacare Designed as a Scam (tags)


Grand Theft Healthcare (tags)


Obamacare Harms America's Workforce (tags)


Obamacare Enrollment Misinformation (tags)


Disturbing Obamacare Surprises (tags)


Healthcare.Gov Still Troubled (tags)


Obamacare Restricts Choice of Hospitals and Doctors (tags)


"End Times for Obama": A Dangerous Conservative Myth (tags)

Ira Chernus is Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder and author of Mythic America: Essays and American Nonviolence: The History of an Idea. He blogs at

Obama's Healthcare Fix (tags)


Obamacare Sticker Shock (tags)


Obamacare Fallout (tags)


Obamacare Compromises Privacy (tags)


Obamacare Rips Off Americans (tags)


Labor Leaders, Obamacare, and the Fate of the Unions (tags)

A funny thing happened a couple of months ago: labor leaders finally awoke from their coma and realized that Obamacare was not only bad for unions, but for working families in general.

Shameless NYT Defense of Obamacare (tags)


Obama’s Shakedown of Medicare (tags)

In a political era of corporate dominance it was inevitable that doublespeak would become the official language of Washington, DC. Now “cuts” to social programs are referred to as “savings,” while the destruction of these programs is “reform.” This is the essence of President Obama’s doublespeakish “Race to the Top” public education “reform,” as well as his yet-to-be-announced deficit plan based on Medicare “savings.”

More Evidence Obamacare Ripped Off Americans (tags)


The Supreme Court is right on Obamacare (tags)

It may come as a surprise to some, considering my political affiliation as a Tea Party Republican, but as a strong constitutional literalist, I must absolutely agree with and support the Supreme Court decision. It was put under a strong microscope and in my own personal alalysis, disected brilliantly.

Big Win for Predatory Healthcare Giants (tags)

class war

Challenging Obamacare (tags)


Two Hard Cases, Two Bad Laws (tags)

The November 14 decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to consider the constitutionality of so-called "Obamacare" and the November 17 decision of the California Supreme Court that the proponents of Proposition 8 have legal standing to appeal it all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court are both disasters for the progressive community. But they also highlight the conflict between general principles of justice progressives should support and tactical positions in specific cases that may work to our short-term advantage but cause us problems later on.

Ron Paul : Freedom to Die (tags)

A riff on a Krugman column.

Obamacare's Passage: A Full-Scale Retreat (tags)

a scheme to ration care and enrich corporate providers

The Death of Populism in America (tags)

Obama's destructive health care legislation

Media Disseminated Myths about Obamacare (tags)

lies and deceit about health care reform

Were You at the March on Washington? (tags)

Two websites designed to energize Tea Party volunteers.

Obamcare - A Health Care Rationing Scheme to Enrich Insurers, Drug Companies and Large Hos (tags)

Obamacare will make a bad health care system worse.

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