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Bangladesh Sweatshop Fire (tags)

class war

US-Style Free Trade's Dark Side (tags)


El Salvador's Sweatshop Economy (tags)


India's "Hearts of Darkness" (tags)

labor exploitation in India

Funding Sweatshops Globally (tags)

Brutal labor exploitation

"What Would Jesus Buy?" (review) (tags)

What Would Jesus Buy not only documents Reverend Billy’s street theater activism as he crosses the country, but it also features interviews with shoppers, retail employees, Christmas historians, and authorities on human rights. Additionally, there is footage of sweatshop conditions in Bangladesh--making a compelling call, even for people already aware of the evils of consumerism, to at least cut down on buying for the holidays. And “if we were able to change Christmas, we would change the whole year,” says the Reverend.

Corporation as Psychopath (tags)

Management guru, Peter Drucker: "If you find an executive who wants to take on social responsibilities, fire him. Fast." chair of the libertarian Cato Institute, William Niskanen: says that he would not invest in a company that pioneered in corporate responsibility.

Sweatshops and Imperialism (tags)

The conditions in Third World sweatshops and the relationship between sweatshops and imperialism.

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