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Undercover pigs at O22 (tags)

These are a few pics of some of the undercover cops at the march

L.A. P.D. Undercovers @ Nazi Rally (tags)

Photos taken on 4/17/2010 of L.A. P.D. undercovers at the Nazi Rally. In total there were about 15 undercovers working the crowd throughout the event.

Healthcare Issue Solved by The Hat (tags)

The Hat tackles healthcare!

Border Vigilante Goes on Trial Today (tags)

Cochise County, Arizona-Business owner and former Sheriff's deputy Roger Barnett goes on trial today for detaining a group of migrants at gunpoint on his neighbor's property. The civil suit, filed by Donald MacKenzie with the support of Border Action Network a local human rights group, claims Barnett impersonated a law enforcement officer and trespassed on private property in order to detain the group.

Epilogue (Backstabbed: The History of a Photograph) (tags)

Further developments since the article was published.

insight into working with people with mental health problems (tags)

insight into working with people with mental health problems


Does President Bush pull President Clinton's trick legally?

DOVE HAT (tags)

Thousands of anti-War demonstrators marched through Westwood on the 29th of September.

Hacking Las Vegas (tags)

Black Hat Briefings ran for two days beginning on Wednesday at Caesar's Palace, and the largest hacker conference in the US, Def Con, began on Thursday evening.

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