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second harvest

Growing Poverty in America (tags)

exponentially rising numbers

Growing Hunger in America (tags)

a growing unaddressed emergency

Growing Poverty and Despair in America (tags)

what the dominant media won't tell you

The Middle Class Falls (tags)

The population has to get used to gas prices three times higher than four years ago. Rising energy- and food prices and the real estate crisis accelerate pauperization tendencies in the US.

Voices Of The Lost And Forgotten - Pt. Three: The children's voices (tags)

These are some of the voices of the children lost in a world of poverty, homelessness and despair. Their voices are the most painful to listen to. Everyone needs to hear their stories to fully understand the nightmare of homelessness and poverty from a child’s perspective.

Working Clas U.S. Perspectives 2003 -2004 (tags)

Working Class

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