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The Marxists in the World Youth Festival (tags)

Bolivarian Revolution

Barquisimeto, Venezuela: Successful Meetings of the CMR (tags)

Bolivarian revolution

Statement of the International Marxist Tendency for the 16th WFSY (tags)

Bolivarian Revolution

Chavez nationalises VENEPAL under workers control (tags)

Hands Off Venezuela Campaign

Theses on revolution and counterrevolution in Venezuela-Part 2 (tags)

solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution

Chavez reiterates the call to arm the people (tags)

solidarity with the Venezuelan Revolution

President Chavez praises and backs Hnads Off Venezuela Campaign (tags)

Solidarity with Venezuela

President Chavez dedicates 20 minutes to In Defence of Marxism on TV (tags)

Hands Off Venezuela Campaign

Solidarity Appeal: HANDS OFF VENEZUELA (tags)

Add your voice against U.S.Imperialism

President Chavez thanks In Defence of Marxism for HANDS OFF VENEZUELA Campaign (tags)


The revolution in Venezuela is in Danger ! (tags)


Venezuela: Appeal from the Hands Off Venezuela Campaign (tags)




Venezuelan Revolution must advance towards socialism in order to defeat reaction (tags)


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