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February 2016 Honduras Coup News (tags)

The Feb one is late and the March one will be up soon. February saw 5 Tolupanes assassinated, their names withheld from public news to not endanger others. Another indigenous organisation Copinh received many attacks and threats, that culminated in two very shocking murders in March. Read on...

Carta de Maquiavelo a la señora Maigret (tags)

Señora; los “poderes” de este planeta invocan mi método y con menor frecuencia, mi nombre. Lo que hacen, en realidad, es violar ambos. Supongo que Aristóteles podría expresar, con sobrada razón, lo mismo. En nombre de esos poderes o de otros supuestos poderosos, usted o cualquier otro pueden ser arrastrados a la hoguera por el “juicio sumarísimo” de la descalificación, de la atribución del “saber” y de la política.

Soma: an anarchist therapy (tags)

Soma is a documentary about a group therapy in Brazil which incorporates capoeira, Wilhelm Reich, and anarchism.

Vota en "La Otra Consulta Mexicana de Los Angeles" AHORA (tags)


December 17 Anti-War Protest Vigil (tags)

Join us for a Protest Vigil to "Stop the War & Bring the Troops Home in Time for the Holidays!"

Sheep Dreams and Kitten Memes (tags)

The revolution is now. The revolution is all the time. Welcome to the revolution.

Local Activists Meet to Discuss Zapatista Red Alert (tags)

When Comandante Marcos sent out a general red-alert last week from the Zapatista community in Chiapas, Mexico, ripples of concern could be felt worldwide.


Join over 100 groups and thousands of individuals for a mass march and rally for immigrant rights on October 16, 12 noon, at the corner of Olympic and Broadway.

SCREENING: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (tags)

Special IMC Screening at Casa Del Pueblo on Friday, April 2nd, 2004 7:30PM, FREE!

Los Angeles Social Centers (tags)

This is a thread of photos mapping Los Angeles' Social Centers, or Cafes.

Benefit show for Casa Del Pueblo this Saturday (tags)

Benefit Show for Casa Del Pueblo this Saturday in Echo Park

Garrick Ruiz Confirmed Speaker, Sept. 12 (tags)

Free Film Showing and Speakers. Garrick Ruiz, just returned, will speak about his experience working with the International Solidarity Movement in the West Bank, where he took part in a protest against the Apartheid Wall at which his ribs were broken by a soldier with the Israeli Occupation Forces. Also speaking is Emma Rosenthal, poet, writer, activist and educator. "Gaza Strip" is a documentary shot during the first months of the Palestinian Intifada.

Not In Our Name's 3rd Truth Underground Series On The Occupation In Iraq (tags)

3rd Installment of NION's Truth Underground Lecture Series. This lecture includes eyewitness accounts of the current occupation of Iraq. Speakers will include reps from Code Pink, Physicians For Social Responsibility and Voices in the Wilderness.

Coffee House Teach-Ins gets grants to keep hope alive... (tags)

teachins continue after grants awarded to Coffee House Teach-Ins

successful benefit show for Sherman Austin / Raise the Fist & Javier Perez (tags)


Hip Hop 4 Justice! Friday, June 20 @ Casa Del Pueblo! (tags)




Support Javier Perez & Sherman Austin @ Hip Hop 4 Justice, JUNE 20TH! (tags)

a correction has been added to the flyer, the address of Casa Del Pueblo is NOT 498 (as printed previously on past flyers and posts), the address is 1498 W. Sunset Blvd in Echo Park. Sorry for the mixup!



Casa del Pueblo (tags)

A little photoshop trickery...

Washington: People's Strike Update (tags)

All the information on the People's Strike activities which will cause a shutdown of the government and downtown businesses of DC on Fri. morn. Sep. 27 and related activites...

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