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A former 9-11 Commissioned makes a Freudian Slip (tags)

Tim Roemer on CNN make a freudian slip

Code Pink Gives Schiff the Pink Slip (tags)

Vote Peace, Fire Schiff...

Bustamante Uses the "N" Word!? (tags)

Lt Gov. Cruz Bustamante used the "n" word at a fund raiser last year. Worth remembering now.

Bush Gets Pink slip! (tags)

Code Pink hung a huge Pink slip from the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles where George Bush was attending a Republican Party fundraiser. The pink slip contained the message " BUSH: You Lied...Your Fired.

Denominational disaster as Bush mixes up his D-words (tags)

Oops. The Idiot tripped on his own tongue again. On, the person posting this story (ID#137159) proposes that Bush's apparent slip was, in fact, intentional -- so that his cronies could profit from the resultant currency fluctuation. Perhaps. More likely, the Moron just flubbed things up once again; and his Wall Street Dons, who knew he had merely mispoken, were probably able to take advantage in the interim before things were clarified.

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