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Inverted World (tags)

Wars of aggression and sanctions against half the world are called "defense", "education" means paramilitary drill for usability in the profit industry under strict avoidance of any real formation of mind and feeling, the robbery of common goods is called "privatization", and self-evident areas of welfare mutate into dysfunctional "service".

Polar Opposite US/Russian Agendas in Syria (tags)


France Bombs Syria (tags)


Israel Intends Blitzkrieg Against Iran Nuclear Deal (tags)


Obama's Latest Demagoguery (tags)


Russia Responds to Obama's Bombastic State of the Union Address (tags)


America's Rogue Agenda (tags)


Irresponsible NYT Putin Bashing (tags)


Putin in Crimea (tags)


The War of Economists (tags)

"A seeming consensus among economists can virtually force the shaping of political opinions.. For 30 years, neoliberalism marginalized all other schools, above all Keynesianism - and all of us hit a brick wall.."

Third US Strike Carrier Heads to Iran (tags)

Israeli site tracks war build up in the Gulf

Inconsistencies in Official 9-11 Story Resolved by New “Opposite Day Theory” (tags)

(SATIRE) - Millions of conspiracy theorists were silenced yesterday as the many gaping holes in the logic of the official story of 9-11 were all but sealed with one stroke when 9-11 Commission Chair Thomas Kean revealed that September 11, 2001 was actually ‘Opposite Day’.

International Campaign to support Worker Communist Party of Iraq (tags)

International Campaign to support Worker Communist Party of Iraq

Berlusconi's new regime born in Genoa (tags)

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