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protest police brutality

#BlackLivesMatter Massive Lawyer Die-In at Los Angeles Courthouse (tags)

Los Angeles lawyers die-in outside courthouse for 15 minutes and 30 seconds in response to the police murder of unarmed citizens, including Michael Brown of Ferguson, MO and Eric Garner of Staten Island, New York.

022: Protest Police Brutality in Los Angeles (tags)

In the morning come to LA, in the evening come to OC!

O22: Protest Police Brutality in Orange County (tags)

It is crucial that on this 9th year of protesting police brutality we show them that we will not back down and give up despite the challenges that have been put in front of us. No more stolen lives! Don't let the stories of those who werer murdered by the police go untold!

Voices of the March (tags)

8/3/02 "Protest Police Brutality in Long Beach", rally. Victims, parents, organizers and friends speak out against abuses by law enforcement.

Indigenous Performers Lead March (tags)

8/3/02 "Protest Police Brutality in Long Beach" rally. Indigenous performers lead march.

"To Protect and To Serve" (tags)

8/3/02 Protest Police Brutality in Long Beach rally. This collage is dedicated to the fallen and those that lend them voice. Much love and have courage.

Protest Police Brutality in Placentia @ 5:00 PM Tuesday May 7 (tags)


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