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Marco A. Murillo, torturador de PEMEX, denuncia UNTyPP ante Derechos Humanos (tags)

Queremos hacer de su conocimiento que se nos está coartando el derecho de asociación, el derecho de reunión, la libertad de expresión, la libertad de estar informados y de informar, el derecho a una vida digna, el derecho a comer y el derecho a la salud.

Man Continues Legal Battle Against American Airlines After Dog Dies at Airport (tags)

For many pet owners who value their companion animals as priceless, the risks of transporting their animals by air may be too high of a price to pay. Terrence Ing of San Francisco never dreamed he would still be paying the price for the death of Willie, his beloved English bulldog. But, two years later, Mr. Ing’s on-going battle against American Airlines is just beginning. The landmark case is expected to go to trial on March 19, 2007.


Puppy Dies Because American Airlines Denies Emergency Care. Dog Guardian Sues Company

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