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Masturbatorium de capitalisation (tags)

Quand le nucléaire est roi...

Masturbatorium de capitalisation (tags)

Terrorisme diffus, terrorisme concentré, terrorisme intégré...

What Alex Jones-- Promoter of the 9/11 "Truth" Event in LA-- Said About Mexican (tags)

The scenes you will witness on the streets of America over the next few days do not illustrate a 'new civil rights movement' but an invading army of militant foreigners bankrolled and supported by predominantly white rich Neo-Cons and Neo-Libs who are using the different Mexican race groups as a vice to crush the sleeping American middle class.

For English, please press '1' (tags)

Miami Farce: Rebelde Articulado (tags)

Another Future is Necessary! Let us take the Cancun victory forward and win battle to end 4WW before hegemonic policies of the US-EU Empire kill more millions everywhere. WTO, FTAA-ALCA-NAFTA disbanded, replaced with open forum to address many problems faced everyday by most people:

Mexico and WtO: La Bella y La Fea (tags)

Everywhere today, every aspect of our lives is being violently reorganized. Everywhere the system is at work dissolving us, our labor, our land, our culture into flows of capital.”

México en la Lucha II- Mexico in Struggle II (1. en español, 2. in English) (tags)

(For English version scroll down through the Spanish to 2) Una carta abierta al Sr. Presidente-electo Vincente Fox con mi entendimiento de la realidad.

Mexico en la Lucha I - Mexico in Struggle I (1. en español, 2. in English) (tags)

(For English translation scroll down through the Spanish to 2) Editorial de La Jornada, México, D.F. viernes 27 de octubre de 2000, "FOX, ANTE LA REALIDAD PRESUPUESTAL"

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