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I Indict This Society (tags)

See Why I Indict This Society.

Explaining the Wealth Gap to "Poets" (tags)

Humans naturally see the world logarithmically, according to a Radiolab episode, Numbers. By addressing this issue, we can ease the understanding of the wealth gap.

Virginia Tech: Laying The Blame (tags)

There will be a lot of blame dished out in the aftermath of the Virginia Tech massacre. But one element will be missing and that is the system itself. Capitalism and the society it nurtures will remain unscathed in the big business press.

South Central Farm: Arrest Tally (tags)

Today there City Council further shamed itself. By failing ot act they have become accomplices with Ralph Horowitz. A new Palestine and Israel has been kicked off.

This society is rotten to the core. (tags)

This society is rotten to the core. (tags)

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