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JOUR J ou Uchronie (tags)

Nous nous conditionnons, nous nous programmons...

Thanatologie (tags)

La vie ne veut aucune définition...

Paraphysique de l'hologramme (tags)

Tout ce que les autres sont, j'aurais pu l'être...

Eutonologie d'éthologie (tags)

Nous transforme, l'appareillage technicien...

Le syndrome du Titanic (tags)

L'Histoire du langage, langage de l'Histoire...

L'écomorphisme, du culturel et du temporel (tags)

Toute intellectualité dans une cage...

Abolir la mentalité des armes (tags)

Tout gouvernement est pourri...

Paraphysique des niveaux d'organisation (tags)

L'infini de toutes les histoires...

Paraphysique de Tako-Tsubo (tags)

Le seul espoir pour l'humanité, la société libertaire et autogestionnaire...

Paraphysique du microcosme macrocosme (tags)

Tout se relie...

Paraphysique de l'autocensure (tags)

Censure de l'autocensure...

Hydroponie et tribologie (tags)

Automatismes et déterminismes de la pensée...

Hydroponie et tribologie (tags)

Automatismes et déterminismes de la pensée...

Paraphysique de Tako-Tsubo (tags)

Du syndicalisme cogestionnaire...

who, what, when, where, why, how (tags)

This post deals with:Occupy Movement Police

Jour ou Uchronie (tags)

Des échanges de domination, de compétition...

La gratuité universelle (tags)

Le capital du tout payant...

Paraphysique de l'hologramme 1 (tags)

Le capital est une compétition de boxe...

Eutonologie d'éthologie (tags)

Le film est déjà terminé...

An humble opinion (tags)

My Thanksgiving Message Follows.

Paraphysique du microcosme macrocosme (tags)

Tout est en un...

La pensée conditionnée (tags)

Poésie paraphysique...

Paraphysique de l'autocensure (tags)

Histoire du non-dit, le non-dit de l'Histoire...

Paraphysique de la communication... (tags)

Communication du capital, capital de la communication...

1983 Nuclear Bomb Pacific LA View, Memory Executions, of USS Reid FFG 30 , USS Dier Fag (tags)

You should be aware that a nuclear bomb detonated in view of LA likely under the sea in 1983. I am having memory recollections of likely executions at Long Beach Naval Station, war at FDIC 10 years later in San Francisco

Dorothee Soelle: Teacher of God and Prophetess (tags)

Twenty years ago Dorothee Soelle warned of that totalitarian religion in North America that is in power today. She spoke of “Christo-fascism” and meant the “Christian” glossing over a capitalist system that goes along with murder, exploitation and destruction.

Paraphysique de proxémie (tags)

Amnésie de l'histoire, l'histoire de l'amnésie...

La gratuité universelle (tags)

Si la gratuité est souvent révolutionnaire, la charité est toujours réactionnaire...

Paraphysique de l'hologramme (tags)

La singularité de l'hologramme est l'hologramme de la singularité...

Eutonologie d'éthologie (tags)

L'eutonologie d'éthologie n'est pas l'éthologie de l'eutonologie...

La pensée conditionnée (tags)

La pensée conditionnée est le conditionnement de la pensée...

fbi routinely sets up plots & then foils them fo publicity (tags)

Sosbee's Tribute To Our Brothers And Sisters Jailed Anywhere On Earth

Epilogue to a Life: Dorothee Soelle (tags)

Dorothee Soelle combined political activism and mysticism, unconventional thinking and passion for life. This epilogue written by her partner, the theologian and former Benedictine monk Fulbert Steffensky, reveals the feistyness and childlikeness of the liberation theologian.



A Mass Awakening in Process (tags)

WE Love you with the Highest Love, Honor and Respect. WE Love you Unconditionally. Love Mother and Father God/Amon Ra, ALL your Family of Light, ALL your Angels

Hillary Clinton from Barking Idiotic Warmonger to Jerry Lewis (tags)

The woman who changed her image.

Lindsay Lohan Suffers from Americanitis (tags)

The solution to your problems is right in front of your nose.

Largest Swastika on Earth. (tags)

This one is BIT TOO MUCH! The largest Swastika on earth, right here in California. Has Arnold been shown around wearing his death's head SS belt buckle?

Yehovah Jesus Allah Call for an End to Judaism Christianity and Islam (tags)

It's repeated over and over right in your Holy Bibles.

The World Peace Religion is the Middle East Solution (tags)

The Temple of Love – The World Peace Religion is the Middle East Solution and the solution for everlasting peace on Earth.

World Peace Religion Lambastes U.N. Report of Alliance of Civilizations (tags)

Once again the UN drops the ball.

A little perspective, please (tags)

Forget the Middle East: North America Harbors the World's Most Dangerous Terrorists


A look at the human condition from outside the box - a imaginary report filed by benevolent time travelers from another dimension whose sole mission is to identify the truth as they find it on Earth today.

Remembering Dorothee Soelle by Renate Borger (tags)

The fate of love in the middle-class world is its reduction.. The language of love is often destroyed by institutions like the family and the church.. Love is reduced to a private, helpless and sentimental affair.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf (by Latuff) (tags)

Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. backed Israeli terror.

CHERYL SEAL REPORTS: The Top 11 Reasons Bush Wants to Go to the Moon and Mars (tags)

Bush can't pull off a trip to eat turkey in Baghdad - yet thinks he can pull off a mission to Mars. What's his motivation?

CHERYL SEAL REPORTS: A Never-Too-Late Xmas Tale and Song (tags)

In 1864, America was torn in two by the violence and hatred of the Civil War. Yet one man, struggling with his own personal tragedies, still found hope among the we in today's world of seemingly endless hatred and violence must also try to do.

New Willie Nelson song condemns war in Iraq (tags)

New Willie Nelson song condemns war in Iraq 31 Dec 31 2003 Reuters DALLAS (Reuters) - Country music icon Willie Nelson has written a Christmas song with an edge -- a protest against the war in Iraq that he hopes will stir passions in those who hear it. Nelson, 70, told Reuters on Wednesday he wrote "Whatever Happened to Peace on Earth" after watching the news on Christmas Day and will play it in Austin, Texas on Saturday at a concert to benefit Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich.

"For Another World". Dorothee Soelle and "Pax Americana" (tags)

The neighbor falls by the wayside amid the burning questions "How do I accept myself?" and "How am I beautiful?" The liberation theologian Dorothee Soelle sees individualism as one of the stigmata of the American way of life.

Overcoming Violence (tags)

"I compare this new movement with the early battles for the abolition of slavery in the 18th century..At that time a hundred years were needed to abolish slavery, end child labor and introduce minimum wages..We need a different economic globalization from below..

"For Another World". Dorothee Soelle and "Pax Americana" (tags)

"A neighbor whether near or far has no chance any more amid the burning questions "How do I accept myself?", "How should I treat myself?", "How am I beautiful?" ..Marvelous little flowers grow somehow out of the concfrete."Translated from the German

Hell on Earth (tags)

The American Left's anti-semitism and hate of Democracy exposed by John Perrazzo. Muslims killing muslims? Yawn. Jews from Isreal killing muslims? Throw up the barricades!

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