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IRS: Your Money or Your Life (tags)

Why does the State use force to steal our hard-earned money?

Hitler Knew Where the Jews Lived - Why? (tags)

Hitler could round up the Jews because he knew where everyone of them lived. Why did he know?

The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible (tags)

Make Money, Not War

Good Food, Good Drink, Good Service, Good Conversation (tags)

What do they have in common? Read on.

Entrepreneurs Rule (tags)

How to stop war - become an entrepreneur.

Taxes Should Be Voluntary Only (tags)

Taxes should be voluntary. Criminals use force - our government uses force to get our hard-earned money.

Become an Entrepreneur for Peace (tags)

Become a street vendor and watch the government come out to kill you.

Government is Bad, Business is Good (tags)

Government is organized force. Business gives humanity what they want. They do not use force. Government uses force to steal our money.

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