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Battleground America (tags)

police state

Lawless Israeli House Demolitions (tags)


Olympiad Readiness: Militarized London Total Policing (tags)

police state

Nike Militarized at SD-FTAA protest (biling├╝e) (tags)

Nike Militarized by the San Diego Police Deparment.... La Policia rodeando y protegiendo a la Tienda de Nike que esta bastante militarizada por la policia....

Military Crowd Control Deployed in LA (tags)

Long before the RNC in the summer of 2000, police in Los Angeles worked closely with military officers on crowd control and situational handling. This document from the "Miltary Review" (aka "The Professional Journal of the United States Army") outlines the militarized tactics used on demonstrators in Los Angeles. It's author, a Lt. in the LA Sheriff's Department and USMC reservist, attempts to justify a militarized approach in dealing with citizens of a Democracy. You, the citizen and your right to assemble, are in the crosshairs.

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