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Mad Max 2038 (tags)

Tout s'était effondré...

For a democratic polarization (tags)

The new world economic crisis has shown yet again that one can't leave it to the market to provide for a strong economy. In any case, it is a truism that a community with a certain quality of life depends to a great extent on resources that the market does not produce.

Génération (tags)

Des usines des bourgeoisies...

Paraphysique de théorie critique (tags)

En attendant, toujours en attendant...

The US election as a turning point (tags)

We seek emancipatory methods of decision-making that organize social life without leaders, command and obedience. We need enlightenment, a free press critical of domination, counter-publics, and social movements that fight for the dignity of all people. We will write history from below

Many Crises-One System: Counter Power in Catastrophe Capitalism (tags)

A revolution does not come out of nowhere, but emerges from the struggles in the here and now. The point is that we can only fight for social or ecological progress against capitalist principles.

Please Disrupt Capitalism! and The Return of Hope (tags)

The old quotation from Gramsci describes our plight: "The old dies and the new cannot come into the world. It is the time of the monster." The Good News is that the time of no alternatives is over. The Bad News is that the wrong alternatives and discussed.

Please Disrupt Capitalism! and The Return of Hope (tags)

The old quotation from Gramsci describes our plight: "The old dies and the new cannot come into the world. It is the time of the monster." The Good News is that the time of no alternatives is over. The Bad News is that the wrong alternatives are discussed.

Les cadres de la contre-révolution, banalités de base (tags)

C'est pour quand, la vie ?...

Ten Years After the Financial Crash (tags)

US economic statistics are dubious since financial markets are based on financial products and money out of nothing. Tax havens, micro-second betting, stock buybacks and corruption through lobbying are market-distorting and cause revenue shortfalls.

Paraphysique de l'insurrection et de l'émeute (tags)

Le capital comme machine infernale...

Paraphysique de la collaboration (tags)

Toute collaboration est une prison...

Paraphysique de l'interactivité (tags)

Le capital a de multiples visages...

La horde sauvage (tags)

Tout Etat est terroriste...

Un monde à la recherche de quinze terroristes (tags)

Le terrorisme de la propagan,de capitaliste...

US Election as a Turn of an Era (tags)

Karl Marx modified a Hegel quotation that world-historical events always occurred twice, the first time as tragedy and the next time as farce. Since November 9, 2016, we know they can occur as tragedy and farce at once.

Les cadres de la contre-révolution, banalités de base (tags)

Contre-révolution de la révolution...

Paraphysique de l'insurrection et de l'émeute (tags)

Alors autant se révolter, alors autant tout faire péter...

Waging War on Islam (tags)


Les théories de l'idéologie (tags)

L'idéologie et ses droites...

Paraphysique de théorie critique (tags)

Théorie de la critique, critique de la théorie...

Paraphysique de la collaboration (tags)

Collaboration du capital, capital de la collaboration...

Paraphysique de l'interactivité (tags)

Tout se tient, tout fait lien...

Choice Not on Ballot in French Election (tags)


Mad Max 2038 (tags)

L' anarchie est le seul espoir de l' humanité...

Avigdor Lieberman: A Profile in Ultranationalist Extremism (tags)

a rogue Israeli politician

AUX ARMES, CITOYENS! Carta de la señorita Marple a los Maigret (tags)

Estimados señores; puesto que considero a ambos bien franceses me siento muy intrigada con respecto a la posición nacionalista que toman los 9 medios de comunicación más representativos de la opinión francesa. En efecto, 6 de los últimos abren sus portadas en un escenario de confrontación que pone en primer plano la vieja rivalidad franco-alemana: Francia y la República están en peligro en el reparto del precio a pagar en AIRBUS.

A socialist strategy for workers’ power: the only answer to France’s “First Job Contract” (tags)

The month-long struggle against the Gaullist government’s “First Job Contract” has brought to the fore the fundamental class and political issues facing workers and young people not only in France, but across Europe and internationally. The needs of youth and workers—decent-paying and secure jobs, education, health care, a future without war or repression—are in irreconcilable conflict with the interests of a financial elite who represent a failed political and economic system. This oligarchy of wealth and power is determined to make the working class pay for the crisis of the capitalist system.

NeoFascist in Conspiracy Theorist Clothing? (tags)

This article tackles the hypocrocy of many alternative media sites like,


A co-founder of France's Green Party in 1984, Ginette Skandrani, has been expelled after a trial by the party's regional administrative committee in the Ile de France region, which includes Paris and its suburbs, after formal complaints were filed against her, the center-left Parisian daily Liberation reported today -- under the headline, "A Green Too Brown for Her Party".

Letter from France (tags)

a letter from a friend in France




I was surprised not to find many postings on Indymedia about what's going on in France. Having lived with a Front National family for six months, I am so disgusted by Le Pen's apparent success. That's not what surprised me though-- the millions refusing to accept him is what has.

la times coverage (tags)


The Shortwave Report 4/26/02 ¡LISTEN GLOBALLY! (tags)

A 30 minute review of international news and opinions recorded from a shortwave radio. 2 files- broadcast-13.7MB & quick/streaming-3.4MB. With times and freqs for listening at home. Free to rebroadcast upon notification. Netherlands, Russia, China, Germany, Spain, and Cuba.

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