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4/28 Jim Gilchrist Experience Punk Rock Opera (tags)

4/28 Jim Gilchrist Experience Punk Rock Opera

International Women's Day Event (tags)

On Sunday, March 5th, Their will be a International Women's Day Celebration in downtown Los Angeles with speakers, poets, performers, live feminist music: Punk Rock, Hip Hop, Electro.. + Vegan Food and much more..

Joe Strummer Tribute on KPFK's Morning Show on X-Mas Day (tags)

I was the guest host of KPFK's the Morning Show on X-Mas day; and I did a short tribute to Joe Strummer in the show's first segment (roughly from 7:05 to 7:15am). Below is a rough draft for what I said on the air.


A March 9th Punk Rock extravaganza benefit concert for TURNING THE TIDE, at the ARTS IN ACTION Center

Marxists(Leninists/Trots/Maoists) Irrelevant (tags)

This is a response to a rant entitled "Revolutionary Theory(!)" which was a comment on the article "Race, Anarchy, and Punk Rock," which can be found on: I post it here since the website was having problems adding it as a comment.

2001 Indie Punk Documentary "Rage! 20 Years of Punk Rock - West Coast Style" (tags)

Info on upcoming punk documentary release featuring footage and interviews with seminal West Coast punk artists. Also features new song written for film by TSOL's Jack Grisham.

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