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administrative detention

Nazism in Israel (tags)


Israel Imprisons Muhammad Allan Again (tags)


Khader Adnan: Hunger Striking for Justice (tags)


Mass Hunger Striking for Justice (tags)


Walid Hanatsheh: Palestinian Prisoner of Conscience (tags)


Israeli Abusive Administrative Detentions (tags)

more Israeli lawlessness

The Learning Experience of Rakan (tags)

The Palestinian Political Prisoners We Do Not Hear About , the Children: The wretchedness of a 12 year old in Israeli military prison and the US Ambassador to the UN, a man known in Central Americas as one who "speaks five languages and knows when to be silent"

A Sad Day For Civil Liberty In Israel (tags)

The only "Democracy" in the Middle East locks up a Man for writing a Pamphlet informing people of their Legal "Rights".

The Quality of Mercy (tags)

Releasing militants?while innocent administrative detainees remain in jail?Further Manipulations in the Roadmap....

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