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List of all Wal Mart Stores (tags)

A complete list of all Wal Mart stores, with addresses and phone numbers.

VIDEO: Julia Butterfly Hill - Tree Sit (tags)

Uploaded is video of Julia Butterfly Hill climbing up ropes to begin a permanent encampment in the trees of the South Central Farm.

Ya Basta! Protest Wal Mart // Stop Violence in Atenco! (tags)

We are standing in Solidarity of the DEAD, injured, disappeared and arrested flower vendors and people of San Salvador Atenco, near Mexico City, who have been repressed for selling where a Wal Mart is planning to open.

Wal-Mart in Rosemead (tags)

A public scoping meeting about Wal Mart is happening at the Rosemead Doubletree over by the MTC.

Walmart AS An ILWU Organizing Target (tags)

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